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Bayside Solutions is... The Special Forces of Cybersecurity

Bayside Solutions
Bayside Solutions

Equipped and trained to handle any cybersecurity problem, the team at BSI is your special forces. No matter how large the threat, we can handle it.

External threats and internal risks will be mitigated and eliminated before they have caused a problem.

BSI also protects those who protected us. We donate a portion of profits to veteran support charities in America.

“An unbiased voice on how to deal with the very real security threats that exist today.” - Tom Walsh, Syniverse Technologies

Bayside Solutions
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Bayside Solutions

Cybersecurity is not what it used to be.

Ten years ago, security was simpler. Software was less complicated and solving cybersecurity problems was relatively straightforward.

The threats have evolved, times have changed. What worked five years, three years, or even one year ago is not as effective anymore.

Security threats are now more serious and numerous then even a short time ago. According to the FBI, cybersecurity threats are becoming more complex, more common, and more costly than ever.

With so many threats constantly on the horizon your time, money, and attention is more challenged than ever. In this rapidly changing landscape, it is hard to know who to trust and how to keep up with the current threats.

That is where we come in.

People Process Technology

The cybersecurity world needs some Special Forces.

Grizzled cybersecurity veterans who spent thousands of hours pouring through code, deploying software and eliminating threats.

A team that knows how to keep a network secure, both internally and externally.

With BSI on your side, you will finally be able to stop looking over your shoulder. You will be able to rest easy, with the assurance that your assets are protected.

We pay attention to the finer details – if you want to secure an asset, you cannot only focus on external threats. Building a more secure external defense environment is not any use if there is already an internal threat exposure on the network.

Our philosophy on security can be summed up into 14 short statements, below. Follow these 14 truths to improve your information security posture…

Keith Palmgren's 10 Key Points on General Data Protection Regulation

What you need to know before you start your GDPR project – It is not too late.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018.

Here are ten things you need to know:

  1. It applies to you – the GDPR is very clear on this point.  Any company that provides any goods or services to any European Union citizen must comply with GDPR…
  2. There are 99 Articles in the GDPR – you have to comply with all of them. Article 17 may be one of the most problematic…
10 Key Points on General Data Protection Regulation

Download Full Document in PDF Form:

While philosophy is helpful, we are not just theorists. We provide advanced security and protection - building more secure networks from the ground up.


BSI has partnered with best in class manufacturers to deliver solutions for even the most challenging and evolving security threats present today. Our solutions include all facets of cybersecurity security – email, traffic, compliance, encryption, and much more.


The BSI team can act as your trusted advisor, providing the leadership and guidance needed to secure your business. By consulting with our team, you will gain new insights and specific action steps to improve efficiency, tighten security, and mitigate threats.


Need an external point of view? An assessment from the BSI team gives you the viewpoint you need to reach your goals. Whether you are looking for a risk assessment, concerned about regulatory compliance, or worried about vulnerabilities, our assessments have you covered.

Bayside Solutions
Bayside Solutions

A note from our founder…


Our mission in 2001 when BSI was founded was to bring value to our customers and add value to our company and community by establishing direct credible relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We work to provide and deliver the highest quality products and services while never compromising our ethical standards.

Today our mission continues…

For our clients, we do this by hosting educational events that provide a learning experience and the opportunity to earn CPE credits. Additionally, by providing solutions and services that assist with eliminating the risk of security threats, both internal and external.

For our partners, we work to bridge and build relationships that provide opportunities to advance technology into the community and organizations enabling a more productive, efficient, and safer environment.

For our country’s veterans, we provide financial support every year via our charitable partners. They protected us, and we are honored to support them. Since we were founded, we have assisted in raising almost one million dollars for our charitable partners including veterans’ charities in Florida and across the country.

For our community, we lend our time, resources and monetary contributions to programs such as Toys for Tots, Make-A-Wish, ServiceSource, and homeless outreach projects through organizations such as St. Vincent De Paul. These programs and projects allow for BSI to find a need and fill it.

For those engaging with BSI, you are joining us in our mission to make our community a better and safer place, provide cybersecurity education and helping to provide for those who protected our country.


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