Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is a vital part of all IT policies and procedures; ensuring that clients are not vulnerable to viruses and spyware, in addition to the ability to encrypt data, protect mobile data, and prevent data loss are among the top concerns of information security professionals. BSI is partnered with industry-leaders in order to provide your organization with an endpoint security solution that meets all of your business and information security needs.

The number and types of virus threats increase every year, with new ones appearing at an alarming rate. Threats to the desktop are not limited to simple viruses, but they can come from many sources like drive-by installation of malware and spyware. At minimum, every computer that connects to the Internet must have some form of anti-virus protection installed.

Unprotected vendor laptops can inject malicious programs directly into the network and malicious employees can siphon secrets to USB thumb drives, therefore security applications must be able to protect the desktop from both internal and external threats.

Endpoint Protection
Data Loss Prevention
Mobile Data Protection