Email Security

Organizations of all sizes face the same daunting challenges - higher message volumes and new, evolving email threats. While email allows for unprecedented ease and speed of business communication, it has also been selected as a 'weapon of choice' by cyber criminals who use it to launch attacks on vulnerable networks. Whether your organization is wasting time cleaning up spam, fending away dangerous phishing attacks, blocking malware and viruses, or preventing sensitive data leakage, it's clear that complete email security is not just a top network security priority, it is your top business priority too. Through strategic partnerships, BSI provides your organization access to the best email security manufacturers in the industry.

In addition to general email security features such as protection against viruses, spam, phishing and malware, organizations have a growing need for email archiving as well as encryption which enables organizations to set policies to automatically encrypt authorized data transmissions leaving the organization. For encryption, when the appliance detects an email containing personal data or sensitive content, the message is automatically encrypted to ensure it is securely delivered to the recipient and a log entry is routinely generated to provide an audit trail record for compliance purposes. This fully integrated approach to email encryption alongside DLP technology helps customers capitalize on several advantages with a single solution; including the purchase, installation, configuration and management of one solution, a single policy for protecting personal data and encrypting it for authorized communications, automatic and consistent enforcement of data privacy policies, as well as an audit trail for logging each secure communication and recording its details.