Compliance & Vulnerability

In today's workplace, networks must be safe, open, and interconnected making it easy to exchange information with customers, suppliers and business partners. Without proper management, however, these same network efficiencies can pose serious security risks.

Information security threats such as Internet Worms, Denial of Service attacks, viruses, and other intrusions are more sophisticated, frequent, and dangerous than ever before. The dramatic increase in vulnerabilities discovered, along with the speed at which new threats are created make this challenge even steeper. Measuring and managing network risk is a significant challenge for companies of all sizes.

Additional defense solutions such as firewalls, antivirus software and intrusion detection systems are necessary layers of security, but are incapable of proactively detecting network vulnerabilities and cannot reliably prevent attacks. Today's attacks bypass these layers of protection and directly target network weaknesses. When using credentialed scanning for compliance audit purposes, deviations from baseline system configurations can be detected and resolved quickly.

Bayside Solutions can assist with ensuring compliance on a variety of levels; including regulatory, security policy, and data privacy compliance.

Compliance Management
Vulnerability Management