Security is about managing risks and reducing threats. Because the threats are changing all the time, keeping up with the threats requires extensive resources. Bayside Solutions can assess your current environment and determine what type of solution is most appropriate for your organization.


Through partnerships with best-of-breed manufacturers, BSI offers solutions for today's most challenging and evolving security threats - including data protection, encryption, vulnerability management, endpoint/email/web/network/wireless security, traffic management, compliance, intrusion prevention, and event management.

  • Compliance & Vulnerability

    In today's workplace, networks must be safe, open, and interconnected making it easy to exchange information with customers, suppliers and business partners.

  • Endpoint Security

    Ensuring that clients are not vulnerable to viruses and spyware, in addition to the ability to encrypt data, protect mobile data, and prevent data loss are among the top concerns of information security professionals.

  • Email Security

    Organizations of all sizes face the same daunting challenges - higher message volumes and new, evolving email threats.

  • Event & Log Management

    As organizations grow in size, they require a more structured approach towards event log management and retention.

  • Network Equipment & Security

    The network is a mission critical aspect of today's organizations; it is responsible for far more than just enabling the applications that drive business operations.

  • Storage & Backup/Recovery

    An effective data storage solution seamlessly scales to meet your organization's growing appetite for capacity.

  • Traffic Management

    The ability to measure and control communication on a network link is a vital part of reducing network congestion which results in poor performance.

  • Web & Application Security

    Application security is the use of software, hardware, and procedural methods to protect applications from external threats.

  • Virtualization

    Because traditional desktop management carries a high cost, businesses are rethinking how desktops are deployed and managed.

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