Systems Integration

Bayside Solutions specializes in end-to-end integration across all platforms, technologies and disparate applications.

Custom Interfaces

Enables data to be exchanged among business systems.

  • System Requirements determines the precise data elements
    and timing required for data exchange between disparate
  • Interface Development creates the system interfaces required
    to exchange data.
  • System Integration focuses on ensuring data is correctly
    transferred between various systems.
Software Implementation

Install vendor software quickly for rapid return on IT investment.

  • Software Selection utilizes business requirements and
    scorecards to drive the selection process of third-party
    vendor software.
  • Software Configuration installs and tailors vendor software to
    meet client business requirements.
  • Software Customization addresses specific business needs not
    supplied with the vendor software.
Back-Office and Legacy Integration

Combines back office and customer facing business systems into a fully integrated enterprise solution.

  • Integration Planning determines business objectives and
    develops tactical plans to achieve integration.
  • Needs Assessment focuses on defining business requirements
    to meet the integration objectives.
  • System Integration executes tactical plans and fully deploys
    integrated software.