Incident Response Service

Bayside Solutions' Incident Response Service includes response planning, analysis, emergency response, notification, recovery, eDiscovery, forensics, and post mortem review. In the event of a breach we can help you minimize damage, recover compromised data, and preserve evidence for legal action.

Response Planning and Analysis

Prepare your organization to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents: Plan Development tailored to your business, Gap Analysis reviews existing plan and performs gap analysis against best practices, Notification Planning assists with designing a notification plan that meets applicable regulatory guidelines and Compliance Review evaluates incident response capabilities to ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, GLBA.

Emergency Response and Recovery

Provide rapid emergency response to contain, remediate, and recover from an incident: Incident Handling provides onsite response to an incident to minimize its impact on your organization, Forensic Investigation offers access to a full suite of forensic tools to capture and analyze data related to the incident, Table Top Exercise allows our experts to review your procedures, design exercises to simulate plausible incidents, evaluate performance, and provide feedback for improvement.