Data Forensics/Recovery

Through our partnership with Paul Henry, BSI provides clients with complete computer forensic services and expert assistance in the forensically sound identification, preservation, recovery, analysis and reporting of digital evidence that is able to withstand the scrutiny of being submitted as evidence in a Court of Law. Paul is experienced and credentialed having achieved the highest levels of industry certification, holds a FL Professional License as a Private Investigator (C2800597) and approaches every computer forensics engagement only using sound and repeatable forensic practices and not simply as an analysis, but as an investigation. The two most important things offered to clients are Paul's 20+ years of infosec experience and investigative approach to computer forensics. Services include:

eDiscovery Support

Forensically sound imaging of all forms of digital media

Forensics Investigations

Determine when web sites were visited, files downloaded and last accessed, if attempts were made to conceal, destroy or fabricate evidence, and the recovery of deleted files.

Network Breach

Incorporates complete investigation, malware analysis, and safely returning compromised servers to service.

Data Recovery Services

Email recovery, restoration of deleted files, directories and partitions, and data retrieval from crashed/failed hard drive.