In the role of a trusted advisor, Bayside Solutions offers independent and objective services and recommendations in many business technology areas that focus on increasing security, improving productivity and efficiently serving your business needs.

  • Consulting

    BSI can provide project management, assess and recommend enhancements to IT roles, responsibilities and can gather and document all business and technical requirements.

  • Data Forensics/Recovery

    Through our partnership with Paul Henry, BSI provides clients with complete computer forensic services and expert assistance in the forensically sound identification, preservation, recovery, analysis and reporting of digital evidence.

  • Technical Support

    By using the latest secure technology, you get real-time support from experienced computer technicians as if you have your own IT support staff.

  • Training

    Bayside Solutions provides a variety of training programs to serve the needs of our customers.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

    Bayside Solutions specializes in providing our customers with best-in-class Managed Infrastructure Solutions to meet business needs while maintaining a commitment to saving money and delivering consistently high service levels.

  • Systems Integration

    Bayside Solutions specializes in end-to-end integration across all platforms, technologies and disparate applications.

  • Application Development

    Bayside Solutions specializes in Applications Development, which provides businesses custom software solutions, tailored specifically to address your company's unique needs.

  • Web Design and Hosting

    BSI can provide custom Website design and hosting services for personal, small business or large corporations.

  • Incident Response Service

    Bayside Solutions' Incident Response Service includes response planning, analysis, emergency response, notification, recovery, eDiscovery, forensics, and post mortem review.