Websense integrates Web security, email security, and data security to protect essential information and enable productive, safe use of the Internet platform. Websense Essential Information Protection defends cross-channel communications, safeguards Web 2.0 usage, and prevents data loss. Essential Information Protection uses the ThreatSeeker Network, an advanced infrastructure for early threat discovery across email and Web channels, real-time identification and blocking of high-risk Web sites, and data identification techniques and technologies. Websense Web, email, and data security solutions use security intelligence from the ThreatSeeker Network to provide the most up-to-date protection from data loss, unwanted content, and malicious threats.


The ThreatSeeker Network combines heuristics, binary analysis, reputation, image analysis, lexical analysis, pattern detection, statistical analysis, natural language processing, data fingerprinting, and actual research experts across disciplines. These tightly coupled techniques and capabilities identify and classify data and content within the enterprise and across the Internet to drive understanding of new threats as they develop.

  • Web Security

    Websense web security solutions provide complete coverage, visibility, and control over who can send what information, where, and how.

  • Data Security

    Websense Data Security solutions offer the leading data loss prevention (DLP) technology to identify, monitor, and protect confidential data.

  • Email Security

    By integrating best-in-class Web security and data security technology with email security, Websense achieves unparalleled visibility into emerging threats and the highest possible levels of protection from inbound and outbound corporate email security risks.