Enterprise Threat Management Solutions

Our world is changing. And so are our networks. And so are we.
Long gone are the days where a reliable firewall and good anti-virus software were all you needed to protect corporate assets. Today's threats are sophisticated. Hackers are cunning. And accordingly, IT security costs are spinning out of control.

Today's Global 2000 enterprises and government agencies are tired of purchasing "point" solutions every time a new threat makes the cover of eWeek. Organizations are demanding a new, integrated approach to mitigating threats. An approach where intelligence is shared from one security platform to the next. An approach that defends corporate networks before, during and after an attack. An approach that leverages one operational console for monitoring security events and managing system components. Essentially, a network security approach for the real world.

Meet Sourcefire. Sourcefire is the creator of open-source Snort and the award-winning Sourcefire 3D System. Sourcefire's approach to Enterprise Threat Management is transforming the way organizations manage and minimize network security risks with its 3D Approach - Discover, Determine, Defend - to securing real networks. Sourcefire is the first to unify four key network security technologies leveraging the same threat, endpoint and network intelligence under the same integrated management console.

  • Sourcefire 3D

    Introducing the Sourcefire 3D® System-an intelligent security infrastructure for efficient and effective information security management.

  • Snort

    The Snort® open source intrusion detection and prevention technology was created in 1998 by Martin Roesch, the founder of Sourcefire®. Snort uses a rule-driven language which combines the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods.

  • ClamAV

    Founded in 2002, ClamAV Anti-Malware is one of the most commonly-used open source anti-virus and anti-malware products in the world. Nearly one million unique IP addresses download ClamAV updates daily from 120 mirror servers located in 38 countries.