Endpoint Security and Control

Sophos Enterprise Console

Sophos Enterprise Console automates the deployment, management and updating of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX computers. A single console provides instant visibility of a network's security status ensuring that all endpoints are correctly configured and protected. Role-based administration tools allow delegated responsibility of day-to-day security management tasks.

Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos Anti-Virus detects viruses, spyware and adware, suspicious files, and suspicious behavior, and controls removable storage devices and unauthorized software usage including VoIP, IM, P2P and games - all in just one scan. A key component of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, it protects all platforms from known and unknown threats - from Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX to NetApp Storage Systems.

Sophos Client Firewall

Sophos Client Firewall adds an extra layer of security to an organization's desktops, laptops and servers. Centrally managed alongside Sophos Anti-Virus as part of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, it protects against known and unknown threats by locking down vulnerable computers, blocking worms, preventing intrusion by hackers and unauthorized applications, and monitoring application behavior.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security is part of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, detecting and disinfecting mobile viruses and spyware on Windows Mobile 5 devices. On-access, on-demand or scheduled scanning blocks and quarantines malware, while visual and email alerts provide notification of blocked threats. Company-wide security policies for mobile devices can also be created and locked down using a straightforward configuration tool.