Riverbed Technology is the IT infrastructure performance company for networks, applications and storage. The Riverbed family of WAN optimization solutions liberates businesses by increasing application acceleration, enabling IT consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility - all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers. Thousands of companies trust Riverbed to deliver greater productivity and cost savings by making their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive.

  • Wide Area Data Services

    Businesses all over the world in all industries are turning to wide-area data services (WDS) in order to accelerate business operations while controlling IT costs. Through technical solutions like application acceleration, IT consolidation and virtualization, faster WAN backup, and bandwidth optimization, WDS is enabling businesses to leverage their IT infrastructure in ways that they had never imagined possible.

  • RiOS v5.5

    With RiOS 5.5, riverbed enables even faster performance for en­terprise business applications and enhances manageability to deliver the market­leading WDS solu­tion. Through its comprehensive approach, riverbed accelerates access to information to improve processes and make businesses more agile.