Technology and Services


Software Consulting

Anyone can hire a programmer. But you're looking for the best solution for your software project. Advice is probably the most valuable service that we provide. With over 10 years of real world software development experience, our team can ensure that your software project is a successful one. 


Software Design

Designing your custom software takes a unique vision of your goals, objectives and constraints. Utilizing information gathered during the software consulting stage, our team creates interactive software mockups to show you exactly how your custom software will look, and feel. We won't write a single line of code until we are certain we know what you want.  


Computer Programming

No custom software company would be complete unless they offered computer programming services. But there's a right way to write software, and there's a wrong way. We follow internationally accepted coding standards, and check each application (called a code review) to make sure our standards are being followed.


Custom Database Applications

We focus on MySQL, MSAccess and SQL Server, the leading database management systems. We build web and desktop database applications for a variety of industries and uses. If your project requires a database, we can help.


Custom Web Applications

The Internet provides a golden opportunity to improve your company's top line, and bottom line.  Our applications are database-centric, fast, secure and user friendly. Our team can handle all aspects of your custom web application, from concept to reality. 


Website Hosting

Not only can we fully develop and maintain your web applications, but we can host them as well.   We offer a variety of web hosting services from small personal websites to large enterprise sites needing dedicated servers.


Desktop Solutions

Although the web is "all the rage", there are many situations where a Windows "desktop" solution would be preferable, and beneficial. If you can dream it up, our team can make it a reality.


Software Installation

Designing and creating great software is only part of the solution you need. You might also need your partner to install and configure your new software solution. Using remote technology, our team can install, configure, and support your new software application over the internet, safely and securely.


Software Support and Maintenance

In many respects, the relationship we have with our clients starts the day we deploy their new software application. From our clients perspective, supporting and maintaining a live, production system is the most valuable service we offer. Our team can provide support and ongoing maintenance for your application, regardless of your location or time zone.


Software Project Management

Software development is a team effort, and it is critical that everyone remains focused on the goal of completing your project in a timely and professional way. Capable software project management is critical to success. We spend a significant amount of time planning and managing your project to make sure it comes out right.