As enterprise dependence on the Internet is growing, their vulnerability to Internet threats multiplies each day. Network level attacks are multiplying with the increasing porous nature of today's networks. Your enterprise requires more than just a Firewall and Anti-virus to secure it against the high volume and range of Internet threats.

Welcome an integrated Internet security solution - Cyberoam Unified Threat Management

Cyberoam is the next-generation Identity-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance series, offering integrated Internet security with the complete set of security features over a single platform. Cyberoam's comprehensive security protects your enterprise from spyware, phishing, pharming, viruses, worms, Trojans, DoS attacks and more.

Cyberoam's unique user identity-based security protects over 1700 enterprises globally, including corporations, educational institutions and government organizations in Asia, USA, Africa and Middle-East.




Cyberoam Features

Cyberoam security features include -

  • Identity-based Firewall
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Gateway Anti-virus
  • Gateway Anti-spam
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)
  • Content filtering
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Multiple Link Management
  • On-Appliance Reporting

Cyberoam Appliances

  • CR series for SOHO and ROBO
    CR 25i, CR 50i

    Cyberoam CR25i is a powerful all-in-one identity-based network security solution, delivering continuous protection from all the latest threats to Small office-Home office (SOHO) and Remote Office-Branch Office (ROBO) users. Cyberoam CR25i can be configured and managed with ease, eliminating the need for technical manpower for control and maintenance.
  • CR series for SMBs
    CR 100i, CR 250i, CR 500i

    Cyberoam CR100i, CR250i, CR500i are Gateway Security Appliances, offering comprehensive security to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) against a range of Internet threats. With Cyberoam gateway security appliances, SMEs and branch offices enjoy high levels of security with limited financial and human resource investment.
  • CR series for Large Enterprises
    CR 1000i, CR 1500i

    Cyberoam CR1000i and CR1500i series are powerful network security appliances delivering dynamic, multi-layered security with a high level of user identity-based granularity. Cyberoam, with its integrated security, enables large enterprises to effectively tackle the rising incidence of blended threats. Cyberoam CR1000i and CR1500i appliances are powerful devices, offering best-of-breed security, delivering complete threat protection over a single platform.
  • Cyberoam Central Control
    Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) with its centralized management and control offers coordinated defense against zero-hour and blended threats across distributed networks. It enables enterprise-wide implementation of corporate Internet policy, ensuring high productivity and security. Cyberoam lowers the operating cost of deploying, upgrading and maintaining multiple devices in the enterprise, offering complete control over distributed networks from the central office or the Security Operations Center (SOC) of MSSPs. CCC supports Cyberoam CR25i, CR50i, CR100i, CR250i, CR500i, CR1000i and CR1500i.


Unique Identity-based Security

Cyberoam is the only UTM that embeds user identity in firewall rule matching criteria, eliminating IP addresses as intermediate components to identify and control the user. This offers instant visibility and proactive controls over security breaches. Also, this delivers complete security in dynamic IP environments like DHCP and Wi-Fi where the user cannot be identified through IP addresses. In doing so, Cyberoam identifies the user, eliminating anonymity within network unlike IP-address based solutions. It offers a clear view of usage and threat patterns for user identity-based dynamic policy setting.

User Identity binds the security features to create a single, consolidated Cyberoam security unit enabling the administrator to change security policies dynamically while accounting for user movement - joiner, leaver, rise in hierarchy and more - through easy to configure policies.