Aladdin is dedicated to being the leading provider of security services and solutions used to protect digital assets, enable secure business, and maximize the benefits from creating, selling, distributing and using digital content.


Since its founding in 1985, Aladdin has grown to the leadership position in the Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Enterprise Security fields. With proven technology, a history of steady growth, successful mergers and acquisitions, Aladdin has proven to be an invaluable partner to software developers and Internet security professionals.


Aladdin Knowledge Systems has spent over two decades providing the most innovative and secure solutions. Its reputation is built upon a comprehensive line of products satisfying the security needs of organizations operating in a world where fast and secure information accessibility is a necessity. These products include HASPĀ®, the leading Software Rights Management products; eTokenTM, the next generation authentication key; and eSafeĀ®, integrated content security solutions.


Aladdin has fourteen offices throughout the world and an ever-expanding global network of resellers and distributors that support customers in numerous countries. Aladdin provides solutions to thousands of organizations, from Fortune 100 corporations and governments, to major financial and educational institutions.

  • Strong Authentication

    eToken's integrated solution helps you meet your unique authentication needs. With eToken your users can securely access business resources, digitally sign documents and emails, encrypt and mobilize sensitive data, securely store all their passwords and keys on their token, use their token for both logical and physical access, and more.

  • Secure Web Gateway

    The eSafe Secure Web Gateway maximizes network security by detecting and blocking web-borne threats, and goes beyond virus scanning to include next-generation threats such as malware. The eSafe Secure Web Gateway exceeds URL filtering and standard detection of viruses and spyware by attacking threats posed by scripts, exploits, ActiveX, and more.

  • Public Key Infrastructure

    eToken smart-card based devices contain a highly secure microprocessor chip which enables the generation of encryption keys and cryptographic operations on-board the device. This means your sensitive private keys are never exposed to the insecure PC environment and are not vulnerable to viruses, worms, trojan horses and other common threats

  • Web Security Audit

    An eSafe Web Threat Analyzer (WTA) audit helps identify the web-based threats penetrating your current security solutions, and provides detailed risk evaluation. With a dramatic increase in web threats designed to steal information or hijack computers, a WTA audit is the safest way to go.

  • PC & Laptop Security

    eToken is the world-leader in smart-card-based USB authentication and offers secure generation, storage of encryption keys and credentials and strong authentication for key access. eToken has partnered with the leading disk encryption and boot protection solution providers to provide you with quick and easy deployment of PC and laptop security solutions integrated with eToken.

  • Email Security

    eSafe Mail is a secure email relay providing a complete, integrated mail security solution. In conjunction with other solutions such as eSafe's Secure Web Gateway, eSafe can protect your network from all email threats - SMTP, POP3, web-based, or HTML. eSafe defends against viruses, exploits, malicious code, spam, cookies, macro viruses, and email-based hacker attacks.

  • Secure VPN Access

    It only takes one compromised password to lose control over Virtual Private Network (VPN) access. For full security, your VPN must be enhanced with a reliable user authentication mechanism. Together with Aladdin's world class solution partners, eToken provides a highly robust and secure VPN solution, enabling strong user authentication through certificates, one-time passwords, and other methods.

  • Application Layer Security

    eSafe AppliFilterTM monitors and blocks unauthorized Internet traffic and application protocols such as P2P, IM, and spyware. eSafe AppliFilter protects against application level threats and provides policy enforcement and control of all inbound and outbound communications, regardless of port.

  • Integrated Physical/Logical Address

    eToken is the ultimate secure access solution - combining physical and logical access in a single eToken device. With eToken you can ensure only authorized users can enter the office building, go into their office, log on to the network, and access their business data and applications.

  • URL Filtering

    eSafe URL Filtering monitors and blocks access to inappropriate or non-productive web sites. By blocking inappropriate web sites that are often sources for malware, eSafe URL Filtering provides additional security as well as increased productivity.

  • One Time Password (OTP)

    The eToken One-time Password authentication solution provides employees, customers and partners with secure access to data anytime, anywhere, and using any computer. eToken allows cost-effective integration of strong authentication and one-time password capabilities with any RADIUS-enabled gateway/application, including leading VPN and web access solutions.

  • Secure Surfing for ISPs

    eSafe SecureSurfing lets you generate an immediate increase in revenue with a minimal investment. You can offer your customers high-demand, value-added Web security services that will help to increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and enhance your ability to recruit new customers.

  • High Capacity Web Security

    An eSafe Web Threat Analyzer (WTA) audit from Aladdin can help identify the threats that are getting past your current security solutions, and provide you with the detailed information you need to evaluate your current risk exposure to web-based threats.

  • Advanced Anti Spam

    eSafe's Advanced Anti-spam solution features image detection and the industry's largest spam URL database. eSafe blocks over 95% of spam with fewer than 0.5% false positives and includes advanced quarantine management spam tagging.

  • Content Security - Mobile Devices

    eSafe MCSG places a gateway between the Internet and the cellular provider's network. Every smartphone that connects to the cellular provider's network receives their MMS messages and browses the Internet after traffic is inspected by eSafe MCSG. eSafe's multilayered security approach allows you to provide your customers with comprehensive protection against mobile content security threats, such as viruses for handheld devices and email-borne spam and phishing.