Executive Team - Dan Doyle


Dan Doyle
CEO and President

Dan Doyle co-founded Bayside Solutions, Inc., in 2001 and serves as Chairman, CEO and President where he leads the company's overall strategic direction and drives revenue growth and profitability.


Since beginning his tenure, Dan has created and implemented a business strategy and approach that has provided BSI with consistent revenue growth with 13 consecutive years of profitability. Steering the Company to constant innovation in its business approach, Dan championed BSI's strategy to focus on the customer and quarterly earnings will follow, Dan is always fighting for his customers and ensuring BSI is improving processes to enable a better experience for his clients.


Dan has spent the last 14 years of his more than 25 years of successful business experience working in the technology industry, and has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and operations with companies in the information security segment. Prior to founding Bayside, Dan worked for a Fortune 500 technology company, served on multiple Boards for both profit and non-profit organizations, and founded and sold several other companies.


In his ongoing role as President, Dan continues to put his leadership and vision to work for BSI. He is a strong advocate for open and competitive business practices with an ethical approach.