Executive Team - Chasity Noel


Chasity Noel
Sales and Marketing Manager

Chasity Noel has over 15 years experience in sales and marketing and is currently the Sales and Marketing Manager at Bayside Solutions, Inc. In this role, Chasity leverages her extensive sales background and ability to serve BSI's customers, partners and distributors with a conscious awareness of diversity to maintain success. Chasity earned an Associate in Art Degree from St. Petersburg College and is currently working on obtaining a Management and Organizational Leadership B. A. S. Degree.


In her sales and marketing role at BSI, Chasity plans and implements strategies to obtain new business, increase profitability of existing business and manage various business functions such as vendor/partner relationships, marketing, and organizational management. Chasity's diverse background in the sales industry and business marketing, along with her immense motivation is what drives high productivity throughout her business career.


Prior to Bayside Solutions, Chasity was the Sales Director at Claimat, Inc., a leading medical IT services company specializing in the development of integrated medical software, EMR software, HIPAA compliant software and more for the healthcare industry. Chasity has three children and coach's youth sports of basketball, soccer and tee-ball.


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